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  • We are professional electricians

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About us

We are provider of electrical services and staff.

Our expertise in electrical industry allows us to carry out all kind of electrical installations.
Our staff have enough experience to be able to take on even the most challenging projects regardless of their size and location.
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Vinkkelikuja 1 as. 3d, RAUMA


+358 (0)417 081 407

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Our services!

  • Designing

    We are ready to design home and industrial installations. We use the latest system solutions to provide clients satisfaction as well as reliability and durability

  • Wide range of industries

    We are able to work among others on power plants, ships, shipyards, platforms, hotels and any other industrial buildings.

  • Cabling

    We do cable pulling on cable trays, underground and overhead power lines installations as well as switchboard and transformer terminations

  • Electrical Services

    We are ready for all challenges at all project phases from construction thru testing to commissioning and maintenance

  • Consulting

    Improve Your business – use our expertise in nuclear power plant industry. We can serve You also in other fields. Please contact us for more details

  • Outsourcing

    We have skilled staff for most demanding challenges. We can provide highly skilled electricians, electrical engineers, designers, site engineers

Our Portfolio