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About us

At Aselectric work electrical industry professionals.


Our strong expertise is electrical installations for the real estate and

commercial locations. Additionally we do industrial subcontracting.


We implement electrical contracting with expertise and responsibility also for the

residential buildings as well as for the new builder and renovator.


We do electrical work in accordance with it’s industry

standards and safety regulations.


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Vinkkelikuja 1, RAUMA


+358 (0)417 081 407

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Our services

  • Designing

    We design industrial, infrastructural and residential installations. We listen our client and customize designing to the clients needs. We are inspired by modern solutions. We evaluate and choose the reliable, durable and sustainable ones.

  • Versatile Environments

    We work in diffrent environments: ships and shipyards, power plants, infrastructural projects, apartment house buildings and row house construction, hotels, schools, hospitals, parking hall sites etc. We accomplish our work in accordance with Finnish industrial standards and safety regulations.

  • Electrical Services

    We are Your trusted source to supply all project phases from planning, construction, commissioning and testing to the maintenance. From ground up to ready building, from basic wiring to the most complex technical needs, we will provide it for You.

  • Outsourcing

    We provide to You highly skilled electricians, electrical engineers, designers, site engineers. We have skilled staff for most demanding challenges.

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